Problem - Gyms asked to close... Solution we move to ONLINE!

So after speaking with a couple of you I am beginning to realise/worry the thing that is likely to stop you training over the next few weeks is boring old 'accountability'.

The fact that you don't have to train means a few of you probably won't.

So... I have decided to do the 1on1 PT sessions via Zoom. I wasn't going to but as some of you have very honestly stated unless there is a set time and I am stood over you you find it really hard to train, I think this might just be what's needed. I already have two booked but thought I would open it up to all of you. Let me know if you would be interested a PT session and I can explain how it works in more detail.

PT will be £25 for 35mins.

If you have already paid for a block you can obviously use this

#TEAMFIT #wewillcontinue

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