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When I anxiously walked into the hub a year ago today, I never imagined how much Laura would change my life. The first few months were a rollercoaster of emotions, I was beginning to exercise for the first time ever but my very unbalanced diet hadn’t changed and yet I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing the results I was looking for.


Then a very wise PT told me “you can’t out train a bad diet” ...


When I finally listened to that advice it was a kickstart to this amazing journey that I never thought was possible for me to be on. I began eating better and developed a healthier lifestyle and combined with attending 3 fit fix classes a week (or attending via lockdown zoom sessions) I was over the moon when I began to see a glimpse of the changes in my mind and body that I was searching for.


Laura has given me a whole new perspective in every area of life and I have never felt more motivated, confident and most importantly happier than ever before. Training with the team each week is something I really look forward to, it’s like being part of a big family who all keep one another going even when there’s 100 burpees left to be done!


Laura - you are just THE BEST, you have given me back the smile I had lost and I cannot thank you enough for being the most amazing trainer, torturer, miracle worker and friend that any person could ask for! X



From the moment I stepped through the door at FitFix and met Laura I knew I had found an amazing place to work out!

I’ve been training with her now for 4 months and have gone from not being able to do 1 press up to being able to do them wearing a 10kg weighted vest.  In the time I’ve been there I have not done the same session twice which keeps it interesting and I am always wanting to come back for more.  Laura has a keen eye and will always ensure my form is correct so I get the most out of every session.  I loved the fact I was part of  TEAMFIT right from day one and have made loads of new friends.

Laura has taught me to love myself, what I can do and the skin I’m in.  She is an amazing trainer and I can not recommend her highly enough.  Everyone should have Laura & TEAMFIT in their life x 


Can’t believe I’ve done a year at Fit Hub already! Talk about changing me for the better, a lot fitter and stronger!


This has also helped out with my job as it’s high tempo and physically demanding. This is all down to Laura keeping me on the fitness train with FIT FIX classes and the occasional PT!


Fab place to work out with a great atmosphere and Laura always pushing me beyond my limits! Don’t be fooled people this is no 'Girls Class' Laura can beast you and physically break you until you’re a pool of sweat on the floor!


Absolutely a professional and great place to go and forget your worries! Thanks Laura

HELEN size 14 to 12-10

At the start of 2017 I felt the most unfit and unhealthy I have ever felt my whole life. Then I was introduced to Laura and I thought I would give some personal training sessions a try. I had no idea how life-changing and life-transforming it would be. Diets have never really been my thing – I like my food too much!

I am now 5 months down the line and feel the healthiest, strongest and fittest I have ever been. I am currently 21cm so far but I completely underestimated the mental health benefits that this would bring too. I have one session with Laura each week and try to get to the gym twice in between. Sometimes I manage it, but when I don’t I’ve learnt to accept that life can get in the way sometimes and not feel too guilty.

My food choices are now so much better than they were and I have a new appreciation for healthy eating (whilst allowing myself the occasional treat!). More than anything, my time with Laura is a constant education – about my body, about food and about the impact of having someone to support, inspire and motivate you to keep moving forward. I’m proud of what I have achieved so far, but more is yet to come – I’m determined to hit 40 being fit rather than fluffy!


So this is me in March I was rapidly approaching 40 (I know I don't look it right ), slightly round around the edges sitting at 74kg and I thought I was fit and healthy.

A stint away with work allowed me to kick start my fitness again but the inevitable cycle loomed on returning to the UK, eating and drinking more and the fitness dropping.

It was then suggested by my wife to try out LP PT FIT HUB FIT FIX classes to keep my fitness up and even get fitter. So I went along to meet Laura and I haven't looked back since.

The motivation and guidance she has given me has pushed me on to keeping my fitness up with gym work and running along side going to 2-3 weekly sessions. I end the year a healthier fitter 40 yr old (yes I've accepted it) and now at 64kg.


Thank you Laura thanks to you and your classes I will go into 2020 with a more positive, healthier mindset and cant wait to come back after Christmas!

EMMA size 16 to 12-10

Before I started training with Laura I was a size 16 and I had lost all confidence in myself because this is the biggest I’ve ever been. I woke up one day and decided I’m going to change and was introduced to Laura by a mutual friend.


Since that day it’s been hard work, blood, sweat and tears lol. I have been following a healthy eating plan and training with Laura in BURN, SNS and BOOTCAMP for nearly 4 months and a sometimes I do need something sweet and I’ve learned that’s ok. So I might have something little but I have been very self disciplined most of the time and had amazing support from my family and the girls in the classes and of course Laura who’s always there to answer any questions I’ve got about anything. 


I have lost a total of 30cm and I’m now wearing a size 10 in most of my clothing and more importantly I no longer feel out of breath doing everyday things and I feel like I can do a lot more than I used to in training. My diet consists of lots of delicious but healthy food and I enjoy everything I eat. I feel really good inside and out and I’m wearing clothes that were buried in the back of the wardrobe cos I thought I’d never fit into them again. I feel more confident in myself and i know I'm not done yet and my journey is still ongoing…I’m not stopping…ever!



My first sessionI’m not ashamed to say I was really nervous! There’s an age you get to when starting new exercise and changing old habits seems all too much. But with a can do attitude I arrived at LPPT FIT HUB for a group training session and I can honestly say I left buzzing .. I mean, really buzzing!


I knew I wanted to tone up and if I could, loose a few pounds and Laura’s classes have been absolutely spot on. Everyone of them is different and with her constant attention given to individuals correcting form and pushing you harder (believe me I still ache after most sessions!) but I feel better, my clothes fit better, I sleep better and even my posture has changed! I always look forward to the next session. Thanks so much Laura, I’m so glad I found FIT HUB and #TEAMFIT


Dropped from a size 18 to a size 12-14 still training with Laura 3X a week.


What can I say... years of training with the most amazing awesome PT. I love it. Meeting you has changed my lifestyle and my life. Fitter at 50 than at 30!


I never imagined when I walked into your gym just over a year ago how much you would change my life. You have given me back my love of exercise and taught me to be proud of my body again.


This time last year I was fit enough to run a half marathon, but did so struggling with issues from diastasis recti and a really weak core following 2 babies. I was resigned to the fact that 2 1/2 years after my last child, I would always have “mummy tummy” - my abs felt like a distant memory!


After one FitFix session I was hooked. I could immediately tell you knew what you were talking about and loved how every session pushed me and everyone else to our limit. I started to feel the buzz again that l used to get when training in the army or rowing, something I hadn’t for a long time, and that came from the amazing atmosphere created by you and everyone in the FitHub team.

When I did the Woodcote 10k with the team in January, I was so inspired by the determination shown by everyone on that cold January day that I crossed the finish line and decided to start PT with you as soon as possible to try and really sort my mummy tummy out.

After 8 months of hard work I am so pleased with the results so far. I am fitter, stronger and much more confident. I am wearing a bikini this holiday for the first time since having children. Interestingly the big turning point came about 4 months ago when you showed me that tiny changes to my diet could really make all my training worthwhile.


I haven’t changed anything about my meals, but now have healthy snacks with me rather than eating biscuits at work and my abs are starting to reappear!


Thank you for having the courage to tell me to make the change. I am excited every time I come to your gym; you have created a very special place that I am certain will be part of my life for as long as you run it!!!


Thank you! Xxx


Well where do I start, I have been training with Laura for almost 7 years now and without doubt it has changed me totally, from never worrying that much about what I ate or exercising, I am now the complete opposite. I do some kind of physical activity almost everyday and love it!

Laura will push you, motivate you and even be your agony aunt.
She truly is one in a million, I'm sure there is no other PT like her, and best of all she is someone I am proud to call a friend


Laura you are amazing thank you so much for the ongoing support and encouragement to get me to where I want to be can't wait to continue!



Wow! 12 months down training with Laura and TeamFit! And what a life changing experience it’s been!

From the moment I met Laura, she’s pushed me, encouraged me and taught me the better options I should be considering.


I can’t tell you how much I LOVE our PT sessions and the FitFix classes. We’ve laughed, cried (well I have), smiled our way through and even at the points I can’t breath, I wouldn’t change a thing!


I wondered what I did with my life before meeting Laura, how I just ambled along eating and not thinking that exercising was important (not just for myself but my family too!)


I’ve revamped my entire outlook on food and feel motivated every day to exercise and push myself. Not only have I met a special person in Laura but I’ve met some of the best people in the FitFix team, we support one another with our training and own personal goals. Always full of smiles, laughs and words of encouragement. I’ve even got my husband at it now, he’s equally loving his overhaul and transformation with his regular classes and PT sessions. TeamFit all the way!      

Laura is more than just my PT, she’s a friend, mentor and even my clothes stylist and hair advisor ! I’ve dropped 4 dress sizes, feel fitter and healthier than I’ve ever felt and feel totally in control of my food choices. Now I am not embarrassed to have my photo taken, I’m enjoying shopping for new clothes and am not making excuses about my weight anymore.


Thank you Laura for everything….. here’s to the the next year! Can’t wait to keep pushing myself and getting stronger!

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