Your Sessions:

  • You will learn different advanced training techniques.

  • You will  train with a variety of different equipment.

  • I will hand pick the most beneficial exercises to teach you and will ensure your form is correct at all times.

  • At the end of each session  I will personally stretch you off to prevent excessive aching the following days.

  • I can take photos, measure key areas, weigh you and measure your body composition to keep track of progress.


Your Nutrition:

  • I am here to offer advice and discuss your nutritional needs.

  • I do not believe in diet plans or short term weight loss fixes.

  • You will eat REAL food and we will devise a maintainable and realistic guide to fuel you for your training and new healthier life style

Prices for One on One Personal Training:

  • 10 x 1 hour sessions £600

  • 10 x 45 min sessions £450

  • 10 x 30 min sessions £350


I also offer joint Personal Training sessions; please contact me for details if this is something that might interest you.