The HUB is now OPEN!!! Did you miss us.....

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

With the HUB being open again - WE ARE READY FOR YOU!!!!

How was your lockdown??? Did you catch Laura's lives or her Zoom classes - or perhaps you took the time to learn a new skill. Either way - We missed you!

pfft pubs are open - who cares - what's more important FIT FIX classes are back!!!

There has been a few changes to timetables and availability of classes are now limited to only 5 people in each class - you know what that means - Laura's eyes are on you - best to bring all your beans to the class for she is watching you!!!


1) Hand sanitiser available for you to use on both your arrival and and exit - please use!

2) 5 zones all with their own kit and a "Kit Sanitisation Station".

3) Everyone trains in their own zone.

4) Social distancing will be taken seriously.

5) All equipment and floors are cleaned after every use.

6) Towels are available to buy, however unfortunately we can no longer provide a washing service, so please bring you own.

7) When you arrive please wait near the blue cone, until i call you in (whilst maintaining social distancing) Once called, you will need to sanitise your hands at the fence before entry.

8) Payments to be made either via the app or bank transfer.

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