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Updated: Apr 19

Day1 #teamfitchallengeapril

Hey guys, so I have decided that as a lot of us have more free time on our hands I'm going to set daily challenges for each month until we get back to the Hub.

April's challenge is inspired by the Alis friend of the Welsh Warriors who are actually doing this to raise money for the NHS. Though I think this is a lovely idea I am also well aware of how difficult things are at the moment so I will put the link below for anyone who can donate but please don't feel like this is is a request for donations as it's not 🙂

I just want to keep you all going, physically, mentally and most importantly help you all feel connected to each other again. (Of course if you could TAG me and CHECK IN at the LPPT FIT HUB on your photos/videos I would really appreciate it 😉) SO.. April's challenge... 100 BURPEES EVERY DAY! In total that will be 3000 burpees over the month... what a treat! 🥰 YOU'RE WELCOME!

The idea is that you do them all in one session however, we all have different levels of fitness so I'm going to say do them the best way to suit you.😊

A good way of motivating yourself is to do blocks of 10 with a little rest inbetween each block.... or why not get the family involved and split the 100 between all of you?

I know it's a lot but that's why it is a challenge! 💪

I am personally going to try and do 100 in 1 session consecutively for 30 days and will post each session on my story to hold me accountable Maybe do the same... and tell people what you are doing to hold you accountable 🤪

However you decide to take part I would love you to join me! ***PLEASE have a little jog on the spot and do some big arm circles before each session.. we dont want any injuries *** I am setting this for my lot but obviously anyone can join in and become part of #TEAMFIT 🙂

P.S. MYZONE users.. it is a new month so you need another 1300 MEPS this month to be on target for your next badge!

You will be able to do your challenge along with me as I do mine and others on a Saturday and Sunday at midday for FREE for that extra support and motivation!

#teamfit #teamfitchallenge #tonup #healthylifestyle #burpees

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