Whether you have a personal training session, or come to a FIT FIX class, you’ll be welcomed into the #TEAMFIT family.



"I will work with your strengths to build your confidence & give you that feel good factor!"

I love functional training and incorporate this in all my sessions. I include weighted and unweighted exercises plus cardio and core stability.

The balance of training consistently with different types of exercise techniques  is key and the best way to achieve and maintain your desired results. No two sessions are ever the same so you will never be bored and never know what’s coming!

You will learn to train efficiently and most importantly enjoy it!

Whether you have a personal training session , or come along to  FIT FIX , you’ll become part of TEAMFIT, because that’s what we are, we are one huge TEAM!

So much of the buzz is down to the interaction and support between clients. Whether losing or gaining weight, muscle mass or just coming because you love to train, everyone is welcome!

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Avalon Kennels,
Icknield Way,
OX10 6PP

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