These are 1hr online classes held via Zoom. 


Every day is different and you will never know what’s coming!

  • Functional training

  • HIIT drills

  • Exercises available to suit everyone at home

All sessions are designed to:

  • Improve strength and fitness

  • Aid fat loss

  • Increase muscle mass

  • Keep you feeling fit and healthy

Class Times

MONDAY – 18:30


FRIDAY – 18:30


  • The meeting code for all Zoom classes is 660 382 0402. Please click on the Zoom icon at the top/bottom of the page.

  • When you arrive, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room - only those who have paid will be allowed to attend.

  • All ZOOM sessions will be planned as body weight only but of course if you have kit please feel free to use it where you feel it's appropriate.

  • Please remember that as the sessions are ZOOM it is not easy for me to watch you all all the time. Do your best to think about your technique.

  • If there is an exercise that for some reason you can't do please don't just stand around. Pick something you know you can do and carry on. We all have our own limitations, myself included... so don't let it upset you.

  • As requested last lock down I will be joining in for parts of the session.

  • Once the session has started you will all be muted so please feel free to play music to get in the zone. 

  • Please be patient, as like you I am just getting to grips with this again. If anyone has a problem and it doesn't work I will of course refund you or let you carry over to another session.

Looking forward to seeing you